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Question What is the mission of the Sophie Jane Darr Children’s Foundation?

The mission of The Sophie Jane Darr Children's Foundation is to provide financial assistance to families impacted by the unfairness of childhood disease.


Question Are you an accredited 501(c)3?

The Sophie Jane Darr Children’s Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization; therefore, monetary donations are tax deductible.


Question Why do local families rely on organizations like The Sophie Jane Darr Children’s Foundation?

Unfortunately, families caring for very sick children are faced with significant financial burdens. Most two income households must go down to one income to allow one parent to remain at the hospital or at home full-time in order to provide around-the-clock care. Single parents are at a greater disadvantage because they are often forced to work part-time or not at all in order to care for their sick child. Either situation quickly and significantly reduces a family’s ability to manage the mounting expenses associated with their child’s illness.


Question How does a family qualify for help from The Sophie Jane Darr Children’s Foundation?

If a family is struggling with the costs associated with caring for their sick child, or if they have fallen behind on a bill(s) due to mounting medical expenses, that family qualifies for help. It is important to note that we meet face-to-face with most families.


Question What is the average amount of assistance provided to one of The Sophie Jane Darr Children’s Foundation families in need?

The average amount given to a family in need is $1,000; however, any donation helps the Foundation to fulfill the needs of local families.


Question What types of expenses are donations used for?

Donations are used toward the cost of direct medical care or other associated expenses related to having a sick child such as deductibles, co-pays, transportation needs, chair lifts, wheel chair ramps, and in some cases utility bills that families are unable to afford.


Question How does the foundation learn about families in need?

The most common referral sources are The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. There are also many local social workers and churches that refer families in need. To request financial assistance for a family in need, please click on "Contact Us” tab and either call us, or email Phil or Jane. When emailing, please make sure to include your name, telephone number, and a brief explanation of how we may help your family.


Question How may I help?

Donating and/or volunteering are the two ways that best help local families through The Sophie Jane Darr Children’s Foundation. On the Foundation website, the “Pay or Donate” button is the quickest way to make a contribution. Individual or business donations toward the foundation’s two annual events are also very much appreciated; The Neverland Ball (held every February) and Golf Outing (held every September).


Question Where will my money go?

All donations are distributed to families in need, the majority of which are located in the Philadelphia region including New Jersey and Delaware.


Question If I make a donation, how will I know if my contribution has helped a family?

We update our Website and Facebook page regularly as well as host fundraising events. Please be sure to “Like” us on Facebook to find out about the latest family who has received help from The Sophie Jane Darr Children’s Foundation. Additionally, if you choose to “Sponsor a Family”, you will receive a phone call describing the family your donation assisted.


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